My Favorite UOI


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Today I am Going to write about  my  favorite Unit Of Inquiry. We have done different UOI called How We express our selves with technology , how the world works, How we organize ourselves, Sharing the Planet, where we are in place and time and the human body. My favorite UOI is called the Human Body we got to learn about different systems, like the respiratory system, skeletal system, reproductive system, muscular system, nervous system and a lot more. We even need to  talk about the changes of our body in puberty like our our vioce box, body hair, etc. But at last we need to do a 6 paged book about our human body for 1 hour, which is creepy. So tell me about your favorite unit in your school in a comment.



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Today we had two guest speakers that talked about the ocean, about how bad we are treating the ocean.

The first guest speaker is called Jin Kok conducting research on plastic debris in the Pacific Ocean and it is twice the size of Texas, which is huge. There team called the project kaisei is collecting samples in the ocean for data to help save our ocean.They even created a google earth application to see there video’s of them collecting data. Click here for more information about project kaisei

Here is a video about there google earth application. if you want to see what they do in the ocean click here for a video

After recess we went to this awesome guest speaker called rob stewart, he was the creator of a amazing movie called SharkWater and his very first Asian audience . Rob told us about his 5 years making this documentary for his movie. How he shared with us his enthusiastic spirit about the shark-fin market. check out his website click here.

Above is a youtube video of the sharkwater trailer it is coming in the UA theaters.



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this is part 2 challenge 10

This is the second part of the edublogs challenge 10. we have to ask somebody to answer questions in the edublogs challenge blog.

What were your first impressions of this blog?

very fresh, very itractive and impresive

What captured your attention?

layout, pictures and titles

What Distracted you?

Nothing distracted her

What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

seperate the all the sentences in to paraghraphs. Also do more spelling checks and always double check your work.

The Last Challenge


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This is the edublogs challenge 10

I wrote 46 posts and I wrote 8 about my own interest

I have 48 comments I got 16 widgets I think it is a decent amount of widgets.

The post that I got the most comments is called climate change it was actually a day where all bloggers write a post about climate change it was blog action day. I think that I got so much comments because it is an issue in our world and it is causing climate changes, glacier melting and   a lot more. I also think that people want to comment about this because they would really like to express there feelings about the issue.

click here to see it   

The post I enjoyed the most is called the surfing dog. It was a post that our whole class had to make. the teacher gave us a photo of a surfing dog and we just had to write a story about it. I personally think I wrote a pretty well story.

Click here to see it

I like changing my theme because some themes can’t fit the size of my videos and sometimes my widgets are to big.

iCamp !


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We finally came back from camp 🙁 . On Wednesday grade five went to a camp in Cheung Chau island it was awesome:). We did diffrent activities like the great race, rock climbing, pirate cave and a lot more. We were in teams when we went to the camp, there were Blaze my team, Lemon Squeezers, Blue Ice, The Green Eyed Pees and the orange peelers. We had a lot of fun, my favorite activity is was the great race we had to answer  a lot  of questions, We even had to read a map of the whole  Cheung Chau island and had to go to the location on the map and the question they wrote. Even though it was tiring we had a lot of fun. I also did something that made me super duper excited, it was going to the parites cave. Before we went in the parite cave we had to wear helmets to protect our heads. After that we went in it was super cool it went in quite deep and it was so dark, even though we had flash lights on. then we had a activitie we needed to do in the cave and that is to turn off all flash lights and hear waves and other things, it was so dark that when I put my hand infront of me I coudn’t see it. So this is my camp at CDNIS. So if you also had a camp tell me about it on a comment.

The Pirate Cave

How Different Age Group Use The Web


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This is Student challenge 9

Today i am going to talk about how people use the web in different age groups. I am really confused about why 18 to 21 people use more web then generation x and young boomers, since older people should be using a lot of computer because for business like finding information and different things. Also Young teens use almost the same amount of web, which I don’t get. So tell me in a comment about how you use the web, what you do and what age group are you. Look below of the graph Ms.W made.

How people use the web

The Best Blog


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Today in student challenge 8 we have to look at the student challenge list and chose the best blog. From my opinion wrmsrachel blog is awesome because she writes so much about the environment and she does a lot of reviews on movies, books, her holiday and a lot more. So go check it out.

If you want to subscribe you csn click on the RSS comment and subscribe.

Festival of the arts


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this week our whole school are doing things about art. Yesterday we had a chance to know how to make a cake. They called people to come down to help. First they put a hard piece of icing on a cake then they used a special kind of icing like is really sticky and putted m and n on top of it. At last we made a very cute and funny looking train. even though I couldn’t go and help I still enjoyed it a lot. Today after recess we had another art about music. Different teachers did different music. There some teachers that played guitar, some sang songs, and also some played a solo and at last a teacher danced a very funny song. Right after that we another show called the silent performance. When we clap we lift our hand and shake it and if you want to say thanks you kiss your hand then put it on your other hand. They were really funny, they pretended to dive, go hiking and see different animals and a lot more. They actually didn’t even say a single word, which I think is amazing. So if you are doing some art events at school to  comment and tell me about it. I will write more tomorrow.

Earth Day


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Earth Day is a day designed to inspire awareness to the Earth’s environment. It was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental day.Earth Day is celebrated in spring in the Northern hemisphere  and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. Many communities celebrate Earth Week , an entire week of activities focused on environmental issues. World Environment Day , celebrated on June 5 in a different nation every year. Watch  the video underneath and then comment about what you did for earth day.

What Should we do if we Hear Bullying ?


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Today the grade six talked with us about bullying. If we hear or see bullying we should got to the bully and say (stop, the is not nice) and say it in a very strong voice. If they still don’t listen  got to a teacher and explain what happened. And just to tell you if you are a bystander looking at someone bullying and not help you are guilty.

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